Working at full throttle! (EN)

Yes, the time between third and fourth milestone is tiny, minimal, pygmy, insignificant and Easter holidays in the middle… there is time to work, but still Easter (vacation, family time, fooling around, you know…). That’s why we are working hard these weeks, and it worth the effort!

Let’s have a look at the new features, which is what really matters.
First of all, torches! (Juan will be glad at last). I’m not talking about the pending task involving the placement of them by the map generator (that is no longer pending), but ACTUAL torches. This means we already have particle effects and, despite been done by a programmer with little knowledge of graphic design, they look quite good! As you can see here:

Also, we’ve improved the loading screen. There is now a bunch of tooltips (more mocking than informative) and some background images, both are picked randomly. I will not show it till milestone 4!

Death animations. Well… not quite… but we could add them now. At this time, entities die and have a fading time until they completely disappear.

Another graphic improvement: BILLBOARDS! On the common tongue, they are “little messages that shows damage and other information on top of the enemy when he gets hit”. Simultaneously, we’ve implemented a system to show damage on enemies, critical hits, dodges, etc. It has to be tweaked a bit but is quite cool already. 
And two more promising things:
  • State machines: finally the work Juan has been doing can be appreciated. Seems like the truce between us luabind has come, and the spoils of war with it. There is now a method to create state machines in a relatively easy way, and we are willing to see its profits!
  • Role-related: good lord, Roberto has a fondness for going deep down a cave called Lua and coming out with gleaming treasures in the form of role mechanics, makes us wonder if we need so much! I can’t estimate how much we’ll be showing at milestone 4, but if we keep pace we’ll be showing lots.

More news soon!

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