Third Milestone (EN)

Third milestone arrived too soon! (And blame Easter holidays for the quicker arrival of milestone 4).

Well, we shouldn’t complain, to be honest the improvements of this period have raised the stakes and mainly on the graphic part (man, it’s getting gorgeous!). Even the PowerPoint presentation we’ve made, it’s the best any member of our group has done in his entire life. Marina! We love you! (She is our artist, and yes, we really mean OURS, don’t even dare trying to take her from us!). Now seriously, and leaving the presentations behind, she did the rest, making the game look like now does, and with a humble dedication of Juan to shaders and light processing the game is starting to look awesome.

Apart from graphic improvements we have more things to show: At long last, new game states! Pause state to be clear and a modification on the architecture to make the generation of the map AFTER the main menu (sounds useful, doesn’t it?) instead of before, aiming to get a system to load several levels and switch between them without exiting. We also added sound but we encountered some trouble by the way (nuttin serious), what really matters is that there it is, it can be heard and even can be placed into different positions. Lua is finally added to the game and CEGUI making good use of it, chief orders. We have plans for Lua, our role engine will be entirely made using this script language. Lua is our database: objects, equipment, enemies, player information, etc. And we realized how powerful this script language is when we saw how much “role” Roberto added in the last moment! But we’ll talk about role later on… whenever we have more important things to show.

What else to show? Ok yes, there is a quite basic interface now, but this is an important step because it means that our artist is starting to understand (and starting to hate) CEGUI, and of course, how could I forget… We finally got our Random map Generator. Yes, one of the most important features of our game. Everything is random, size, chests, enemies, rooms, corridors, room shapes, difficulty and everything makes sense! It’s a pity that by the time we recorded the video the map generator didn’t place torches (they were there… but weren’t placed).

Those are the most important points in the agenda. There are more internal changes we’ve made that allow us to deactivate components and other things nobody give a f*** about, so let’s get to the point. Third milestone video playing in 3… 2… 1…

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